Firstly thank you and thank you.

You popped into my life when I was just feeling in such a hole and unsure how to climb out of it. My state of mind was such that when I think back and you asked me ‘how did I see Sara in x months’ I struggled to think or see what good looked like for me.

Fast forward to now,

– I’m back two weeks from a fantastic trip to Japan.
– Work is going brilliant
– I’ve a new toy car being shipped from Istanbul
– Carol is doing her first ever independent jazz tour (so I’m behind the scenes marketer/logistics/comms/planning!)
– Off to Tasmania for a hiking trek
– There’s several chapters in the dating scene but suffice to say – it’s far more promising when my attitude and confidence has dramatically changed. (oh and apparently a profile pic with a pink power drill works wonders- who knew?!? 😊. )
– Booked for India in January

I’ll stop now! Think you get the picture and it’s far rosier than when we first spoke.

Things just started coming together and I’ve had several light bulb moments on some ‘big stuff’ in life and am overall just so much happier and excited for the future. I can see the changes in me reflected and impacting all areas of my life for the positive, both within me, work, family and relationships.

– Sara H.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent coaching sessions with you! This was my first experience with a Life Coach and I can honestly say that it was time well spent. You were so in tune with the issues I’ve been having which made me feel completely comfortable sharing my story. After discussing my issues with you I feel confident that I am on the right path for the next chapter in my life. If anyone is in doubt about using a Life Coach I can honestly say that my experience was nothing but positive and I would highly recommend you.

Thank you again for helping me work through one of the most difficult times of my life! You are totally awesome!

– J. Marie

Sally really helped me see that my thinking has everything to do with the results I am getting in my life. I can’t even describe how much my brain (and my stress level) has calmed down since beginning this journey… best money ever spent! My advice? Care enough about yourself (and the people you love) to invest in yourself!

– Su

“Sessions with Sally can only be described as amazing!  Originally, I asked for help with unrealized career goals.  But quickly Sally helped me discover that my fault-finding mindset caused not only my lack of career success but also prevented me from accomplishing so many other goals I desired.

Now, I’ve not only begun to move forward in my career, but I’m also achieving noticeable improvements in so many other areas of my life.

Never before have I worked with someone who can listen to my uncomfortable perceptions of truth, and then kindly, but firmly, help me switch course to make my dreams a reality.  Sally is that person.  Thank you!”

– Susann

"Thank you for your soothing voice and words of wisdom. I was able to remain calm, assured and confident during all of this!" - Annie