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I’m Sally.

I’m a Certified Life Coach for women over 50.

I’ll help you create a better version of you.

If you need to Break Old Habits and Learn to Live an Intentional Life of your own creation, I can definitely help you.

I believe it’s your time to truly and finally live your best life with purpose and intention. It’s time to shed those old beliefs that are no longer serving you and create the newer and better version of you!

Together, we can make that happen. We will lovingly and purposefully work through what may have been holding you back and adopt new skills that will serve you through your transformation.

I’ve successfully helped women stop overeating and overdrinking, manage anxiety and reduce stress and learn to love themselves through it all. I can definitely help you too.

Whether You Struggle With:

  • Weight Loss After Menopause
  • Learning To Drink Less
  • Starting or Staying on a Fitness and Exercise Program
  • Going through Divorce
  • Relationships with Step Families

I’ve got you covered!

Yes, I have a diverse background to draw experience and understanding from.
And the best Life Coach training in the world through The Life Coach School.

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I now teach people how to live happier lives. Whether you need help with overeating, overdrinking or changing some habits, my coaching will help you in those areas as well as extend through every area of your life.

You’ll have better relationships, more financial freedom, greater energy and health and the list goes on and on. You’ll have more peace and you’ll be freed from your inner critic. You’ll learn to manage your emotions and manage your mind.

If you are open-minded, coachable, and want to take responsibility for your life, I can help you become that best version of yourself.

All that is required from you is a deep sense of commitment to your dream.
Simply schedule a session to start your journey.

Unwind Without Wine
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Ready, Set, Weight Loss
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How To Reinvent Yourself After 50
Are you living a life that looks great from the outside, but inside you feel daily life is a struggle? There’s nothing really wrong, but you lack motivation and feel tired. I can help get back your spark! Sign up for a free strategy call now!
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